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5 Tips for designing Plastic Parts

Plastic parts can be designed in many different varieties. But these all share the same basic principles that make a big difference with your final product. Understanding some of […]

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Plastinternational – Plastic vs Metal: which should you use?

Comparing plastic and metal is not entirely fair, but not for the reasons you’d think. It’s not that plastic comes off looking bad – quite the opposite, actually! Instead, […]

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5 steps to get the ideal plastic injection molding quote

The first move in bringing your plastic product to life is to get a quote for its manufacturing. This can have a massive impact on your costs and profitability, […]

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The Different Types of Injection Moulding Materials

All plastics are not the same. We touched on this topic in our blog What is Plastic Resin?, but it is a fascinating topic that deserves a little more […]

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Another 4 Common Injection Moulding Defects and How To Remedy Them

In our first blog about plastic moulding defects, 4 Common Injection Moulding Defects and How To Remedy Them, we explain that as the customer you should still be aware […]

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4 Common Injection Moulding Defects and How To Remedy Them

Plastic injection moulding is a delicate process that is part chemistry and part art (learn about the process in our blog post: How Plastic Injection Molding Works.) Many things […]

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What are resin additives?

Resin is a fascinating substance, used to create all the plastics around us. As we explored in an earlier blog, What is Plastic Resin?, the creation of resin involves […]

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What is Plastic Resin?

Our modern world is filled with plastic, a hugely versatile and useful material. From food packaging to space rockets, plastic has enabled many of our advances and conveniences.

This […]

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How to choose the best resin for your plastic product

A plastic product can be very durable and resist unbelievable pressures. Plastics are used for everything, even rocket and aircraft design. That is a far leap forward from the […]

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Questions to Ask Plastic Injection Molder Providers

You know what you want from your product, but are you sure you will get it? Plastic injection molding is a wide discipline, involving many different ingredients, skills and […]

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