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5 Tips for designing Plastic Parts

Plastic parts can be designed in many different varieties. But these all share the same basic principles that make a big difference with your final product. Understanding some of […]

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Plastinternational – Plastic vs Metal: which should you use?

Comparing plastic and metal is not entirely fair, but not for the reasons you’d think. It’s not that plastic comes off looking bad – quite the opposite, actually! Instead, […]

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What are resin additives?

Resin is a fascinating substance, used to create all the plastics around us. As we explored in an earlier blog, What is Plastic Resin?, the creation of resin involves […]

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What is Plastic Resin?

Our modern world is filled with plastic, a hugely versatile and useful material. From food packaging to space rockets, plastic has enabled many of our advances and conveniences.

This […]

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Facts About Plastic: 10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know

From the moment you wake up and switch on your light to when you brush your teeth at night, you come into contact with an almost countless array of […]

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