Plastic Injection Moulding

5 steps to get the ideal plastic injection molding quote

The first move in bringing your plastic product to life is to get a quote for its manufacturing. This can have a massive impact on your costs and profitability, […]

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The Different Types of Injection Moulding Materials

All plastics are not the same. We touched on this topic in our blog What is Plastic Resin?, but it is a fascinating topic that deserves a little more […]

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Another 4 Common Injection Moulding Defects and How To Remedy Them

In our first blog about plastic moulding defects, 4 Common Injection Moulding Defects and How To Remedy Them, we explain that as the customer you should still be aware […]

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4 Common Injection Moulding Defects and How To Remedy Them

Plastic injection moulding is a delicate process that is part chemistry and part art (learn about the process in our blog post: How Plastic Injection Molding Works.) Many things […]

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How to choose the best resin for your plastic product

A plastic product can be very durable and resist unbelievable pressures. Plastics are used for everything, even rocket and aircraft design. That is a far leap forward from the […]

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Questions to Ask Plastic Injection Molder Providers

You know what you want from your product, but are you sure you will get it? Plastic injection molding is a wide discipline, involving many different ingredients, skills and […]

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Shut-off valves: Gate, globe & ball valves – which should you use?

Shut-off valves are incredibly handy little components because they enable you to complete work in one area – for example, a kitchen – or even on a particular appliance, […]

Injection molding: hot vs cold runner systems

In injection molding, there are two types of systems used to create molds: hot runner and cold runner systems. There are unique advantages and drawbacks to each, and knowing […]

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Plastic injection molding: the pros and cons of doing it in-house

We’ve covered how plastic injection molding works, so now let’s look at the advantages and potential drawbacks of this manufacturing process. By exploring the pros and cons below, you can begin to work out whether it’s the right option for your project. […]

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Injection Molding Design: How Plastic Injection Molding Works

Plastic injection molding design can be fairly complex and it’s important to lock down the basics to get it right. This will ensure that the end result lasts longer, is ideally suited to its desired application, and that any issues during the actual molding process are mitigated. […]

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