Ball Valve Advantages and Disadvantages

A while back we gave you an introduction to ball valves and their uses and benefits. They’re versatile components that can be used in a wide range of industrial […]

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Plastic Valves vs Metal Valves: When to Substitute Plastic for Metal

There are several kinds of plumbing valves out there, and two of the most popular are plastic valves and metal valves. While metal has long been relied up for its strength and relative durability, plastic is becoming increasingly popular in a number of common applications. […]

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Plumbing Valves: Which Type to Choose For Your Next Plumbing Project

Valves are crucial to virtually any kind of plumbing activity, as they control the flow of fluid and other substances from one place to another. But not all valves are created equal – or at least, the same – which means you need to choose the right kind for the particular application you’re undertaking. This will ensure the most effective and durable end result. […]

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Plastic Ball Valves: An Introduction to Their Uses & Benefits

If you’re in the water, chemical, pharmaceutical or oil industries (among others), you may have a number of great reasons to use ball valves. […]

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