Custom Plastic Injection Moulding

Locally Manufactured, High Quality Plastic Moulded Products

Complete Service from Start to Finish

Need to manufacture custom plastic products but don’t know how to begin? We provide a complete line of custom plastic moulding services including conceptualization, design, production, and quality control, all of which are in-house. You’ll save time and money by going with a single provider.

Efficient Manufacturing

Plastics have always been a high-tech industry, which is why we’ve recently updated our facilities with modern, energy-efficient tooling equipment. Plastinternational uses less energy and generates less waste without sacrificing quality. In fact, we’re able to manufacture your products faster than ever before!

Quick Turnaround

You don’t have to import custom made plastic products — we offer European-quality manufacturing at significant cost savings to you. Our custom plastic injection moulding equipment can quickly produce thousands of units in less time than it takes to order them from a retailer or supplier.

Custom Products

Our custom plastic injection moulding equipment can manufacture custom plastic products of any shape or size. These are just a few of the many products we can create for your business:

Swimming Pool Equipment

We manufacture pool equipment such as filtration systems, water testing kits, and plumbing. Plastic won’t rust or corrode, and your pools will be worry-free for decades to come.

Electronic Security

Our plastic remotes, control boxes, and antennas are tamper-resistant, and they’ll survive extreme weather, so security systems will continue functioning under the worst conditions.

Conveyor Systems

Plastinternational provides rugged material handling components, which are perfect for moving everything from materials to food.

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