Plastic injection molding: the pros and cons of doing it in-house

We’ve covered how plastic injection molding works, so now let’s look at the advantages and potential drawbacks of this manufacturing process. By exploring the pros and cons below, you can begin to work out whether it’s the right option for your project.

Plastic injection molding: the advantages

Cost efficiency
This is a big consideration for most companies, which is why we’re covering it first. One of the reasons plastic injection molding is so popular is because it’s one of the more affordable ways to produce custom plastic parts. Because the process is largely automated, there isn’t the need to employ a high number of workers if you run a fully automatic injection molding plant.

Fast and high output rates
Individuals items can be manufactured quickly and at high volume, thanks to the relatively short cooling time required between injecting the polymer into the mold and releasing the component. Moreover, by using co-injection molding, many parts can be created and produced at the same time.

Low wastage
It’s easy to recycle any unused or scrap molding plastic for future use, so there’s little waste when it comes to plastic injection molding.

A wide range of plastics can be used to create custom parts. Thanks to major developments in the chemical industry, materials range from the soft to the extremely sturdy, with certain types that can even take the place of steel.

Plastic injection molding: the disadvantages

High start-up costs
To create quality parts using the injection molding process, you need to invest in the right equipment upfront. You’ll require precision heat equipment, an automated assembly line and precision crafted molds, all of which can be very expensive to purchase and set up.

High tooling costs
You’re likely to need an engineer to design and test each of the molds you require. This is a highly technical and labour-intensive job that could cost you a lot upfront.

Costly repairs
Expensive machinery is generally expensive to repair, and in a fast-paced, high-output production environment, wear and tear is inevitable. It’s critical that your machinery work effectively to ensure consistency and accuracy of your plastic designs.

Not all items can be produced using plastic injection molding
These include products with thick or uneven walls, or items that require sharply delineated inner or outer corners.

Outsourcing your plastic injection molding requirements

This can be a win-win for companies that require quick turnaround but don’t have the time, infrastructure or considerable capital required to manufacture plastic products in-house.

The immediate cost savings of outsourcing your injection molding requirements are significant. There’s also the ability to ramp-up your orders at peak times without having to increase your own staff complement with seasonal employees. In a nutshell, a specialist plastic injection molding company can supply you with quick, quality solutions that don’t require time, investment or space at your own facility.

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