Injection Moulding: Affordable Bulk Plastics Solution

Injection moulding is a process whereby rubber or plastic items are shaped by injecting heated material into a mould. Although it’s used with a host of materials, it is most commonly applied to thermoplastic and thermosetting polymers.

As specialists in plastic injection moulding for nearly 30 years, Plastinternational offers injection moulding from shot weights ranging from as little as 0.5g to over 2kg. We enable our clients to create high quality, customised products out of plastic for the most affordable prices, giving them the flexibility to create the exact items they need to the specifications they require.

How does large-scale plastic injection moulding work?

Injection moulding produces very accurate and tight tolerance mouldings to the same specification time after time. During the process, material for the unit is fed into a heated barrel, thoroughly mixed, and then injected into the specific mould required. Once in the mould, the plastic cools and hardens to the shape of the mould, creating the item that has been designed.
Injection moulding is used to create a wide range of everyday items, from toys and kitchen utensils to plastic ball valves, swimming pool equipment, electronic security products and more.

I’d like to make a custom product out of plastic. How can Plastinternational assist me?

First off, it’s important to consider how many units you require. Plastic injection moulding is recommended for high volume, repetitive production, rather than just a handful of items. This means that if you’re needing a large number of the same unit, we’re ideally placed to assist you.
Next, we’ll determine the right type and grade of plastic to use for your product, to ensure that your item meets – and exceeds – expectations. It’s vital that the properties of the plastic we use match the properties required by your product.
We’ll then create your product in almost any colour you require, and we’ll use professional-quality fillers and additives to enhance the strength, chemical resistance and flame resistance of your item.

What are the benefits of choosing a custom injection moulding company?

In terms of cost and turnaround time, injection moulding can offer you significant savings. At Plastinternational for example, customers enjoy European-quality manufacturing without the high costs of importing, and our equipment is able to produce thousands of units in less time than it would take to order them from a supplier or retailer.

How can I request a custom product?

Easy! Simply contact us online via our website, call 010 040 3782 or email Our plastic moulding experts will provide friendly and professional assistance, and ensure that your order is handled swiftly and with utmost care. Alternatively, find out more about our custom products or our Ezee Flow plastic ball valves now.

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