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Reliable deliveries, on time, every time

As one of South Africa’s leading plastic injection moulding companies, Plastinternational is keenly aware of the importance of reliable customer care. Committed to providing the highest quality service under any conditions, Plastinternational has the skills and expertise to ensure efficient deliveries every time, whatever your requirements and whatever the circumstances.
“Customers often ask us how reliable our company is in terms of meeting its production and delivery deadlines, particularly during times of load shedding or power outages,” says Plastinternational’s managing director, Luca Ambrosi.
“I’m proud to say that we are a self-sustaining plant that can continue operations uninterrupted regardless of external factors,” says Ambrosi. “We have a highly skilled operations team in place that is trained to deliver a superior quality product on time, every time, even in extenuating circumstances. We also have an excellent quality management team that oversees every project, ensuring that the finished result always meets our exacting standards.”

Plastinternational’s sustainable energy solutions

Ambrosi explains that Plastinternational has invested in a high quality generator that allows the company to continue its operations uninterrupted during power outages. This is obviously highly advantageous during times of energy shortages, and it also gives the company the edge over competitors, who may not have initiated such effective contingency solutions, says Ambrosi.
“Further to this, we have also installed a 1000-litre water tank that is connected to the plant’s cooling tower. It can be used at any time to top up the water level in the event of water shortages.” All of this means that Plastinternational is less reliant on municipal services, which can at times be unreliable.
“We want our customers to rest assured that their products will be delivered efficiently in any conditions, and that a lack of municipal-supplied resources will not impact on the quality of products or their distribution time. Customer satisfaction is of the utmost importance to us, and we aim to not only meet, but to exceed our clients’ expectations in every project we undertake.”

Choose Plastinternational for all your plastic injection moulding requirements

From meter boxes to pool cleaning components and plastic ball valves, we offer the highest quality products at the most competitive prices. Contact us now to discuss your requirements or find out more about our quality plastic products.

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