Plastic Ball Valves From Plastinternational Help Uplift The Community

Plastinternational donates to Rehoboth Children’s Village

Plastinternational recently made a valuable contribution to Rehoboth Children’s Village, a home for orphaned children who are affected by HIV/Aids. This KwaZulu-Natal charity received a large number of plastic ball valves, as well as a cash sum from Plastinternational, a company that recognises the importance of giving back to the community.

“After learning about Rehoboth Children’s Village and the wonderful work they do in the community, we were moved to try and help in any way we could,” says Plastinternational’s managing director, Luca Ambrosi. “As a plastics company, we develop practical, highly versatile products, and we knew that these could be put to good use in the village. Our SABS-approved plastic ball valves, which we donated in 2012, are now being used for many vital building and plumbing projects within the community.”

Plastinternational has also provided invaluable financial assistance to the charity, which relies largely on the generosity of businesses, individuals and community members. “In 2013, we heard about two children at Rehoboth who desperately needed ear operations, but had been unable to have surgery due to lack of funds. We donated R30,000.00 towards the cost and these kids were finally able to have the operations they needed.”

Plastinternational continues to support Rehoboth and encourages others to get behind worthy causes in their communities. “It’s so important to support socio-economic development in South Africa,” says Ambrosi. “At Plastinternational, we’re in the fortunate position to be able to give back to the community, and to support charities that are working to uplift and empower previously disadvantaged people.
“Look around your community and see where you can help. It doesn’t have to be a financial donation – your time will also be of invaluable help to these worthy causes.”

About Rehoboth Children’s Village

Rehoboth Children’s Village cares for abandoned and orphaned children who are either affected or infected by HIV/Aids. These children are raised in a safe and loving home environment where their health is stabilised and managed, and where they can grow to be the role models for future generations.

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