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What Does Plastinternational Offer Besides High Quality Plastic?

Plastic manufacturing, as with any other kind of manufacturing, requires stringent quality control in order for end products to be useful and durable. In addition to using quality plastic in its EzeeFlow plastic ball valves and other custom moulded products, Plastinternational maintains high standards that yield superior results by adhering to carefully worked out control plans and standard operating procedures.

In order to bring you resilient plastic products (including EzeeFLow ball valves – the only ball valve in South Africa that meets SANS 16135 standards specifications), we have fine-tuned our plastic injection moulding process to ensure excellence.

How Does Plastinternational Produce Quality Plastic Parts Without Defects?

Whether producing pre-designed parts or custom-designing parts according to customers’ specifications, Plastinternational ensures consistency of part quality between batches by sticking to strict quality programs that are audited twice each year by the South African Bureau of Standards (SABS).

<p”>When you need custom plastic parts for your product designs, you can rest assured that Plastinternational applies standard operating procedures in machine operation and raw material inspection so that quality plastic and intelligent machine operation come together to yield excellent results. Plastinternational follows ISO 9001 quality management standards; global standards that are trusted by the world’s most trusted plastic manufacturers.

Does Plastinternational Use Any Other Quality Control Measures?

In addition to undergoing a biannual SABS audit, Plastinternational performs continuous quality control checks so that mistakes in operating procedures are not able to creep in unnoticed. The difference between using a certified plastic manufacturer that can assure you of high quality plastic parts and a non-certified manufacturer is that a manufacturer that puts quality first will provide you with reliable, high-value parts that are consistently flawless.

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